Our son in law stores a dirt bike here that Bill rides around from time to time to take a break and run the dogs. For awhile there were to dirt bikes here and we had a blast zipping around. Well, until I dumped one and dislocated my elbow. So, dirt bike fun is over for me. Last month Bill and I decided it was time to add a little fun to the homestead.

Since dirt bikes were out and we really wanted something we could do together we decided a golf cart was the way to go! We decided to start looking on Facebook market place and finally found one! It’s has big wheels, a metal hauling box and is camouflage. We hauled it home and named it Rambo!

We have the best fun riding it around the property, down the road, hauling things here and there, and ride down to the workshop. Bill has decked it out with blue running lights, headlight, Sasquatch light switch that lights up, and a junk license plate that says Rambo.

We enjoy riding it down to the shop at night to feed the cats and a zip around the property at night to star gaze and exercise the dogs before bed. For now, the dirt bike still comes out once in awhile but you won’t catch me riding it!