Looking good, little shed

Switched the Door

We switched the hinges to the left side so it would open away from the window. Planning to add a window box.

New Additions

Bill raised the shed to gain more head room and added reclaimed barn door wood to skirt the bottom and build a little porch on the front.

Peek Inside

Love the old wood inside! We only have one West facing window so I am considering painting the inside to brighten it up a bit.

Corner Trim

Bill added artsy corner trim pieces from reclaimed wood. I love them and he continues to make things extra special for me.

Junk Planters

Blower/Fan metal casings saved from the grain bin. I thought they were pretty cool and loved how the flower pot fit perfectly!

I always dreamed about having a garden shed that I could have next to an amazing garden. 

There’s not much in the garden this year but I will keep adding perennial flowers and transplanting.  I hoping it’s not too late to plant some seeds in the planters.

Next year we will add waist high planters for veggies.  We have another space next to the field where I planted squash, watermelon and pumpkins. 

I’m hopeful we will have a watermelon party and later this fall decorating with homegrown pumpkins.  I’m looking forward to welcoming the grandkids to pick their own pumpkins from grandma’s patch.

Everything we do here is hard work but I know this little flower garden and shed will be so beautiful in years to come.