Let’s Get Caught Up

It’s been along time since I journaled about our country life. I thought I would take a sec and get caught up.

We managed to get all of the trees cleaned up from Derecho last fall. Bill worked the chain saw and I hauled logs, branches and stumps with the tractor and trailer. We were able to burn more than three, I lost count, extra large piles of brush. This year we will decide what trees will need to come down and possibly plant more.

Winter was another doozy with blowing winds and large drifting. Bill will be on the look out for a larger tractor or truck with a blade to make moving snow easier. I hibernated most of the winter and only went out when the roads were clear or when Bill could drive me to town. I guess that’s a work from home bonus!

Holidays were a little rough emotionally for us in 2020. Due to Covid-19 risk we decided to cancel all family get togethers. Bill and I traveled to each of their houses to bring gifts at Christmas and say hello. We made several Video calls to try and see each other throughout the holidays and winter.

We’re making plans to do some outside work around the yard and Bill’s shop, visit more with family, welcome a new grandchild and just keep on keeping on.