Farm Cats

farm cat dog friends

Who knew having farm cats could be so beneficial? I never really thought about it until we moved here. We knew mice were going to be a problem when Nova chased them constantly. Eventually we adopted three farm cats from a shelter and brought them home fall of 2018. They were feral but slowly turned into the best cats!

Fluffy, Miss Kitty, and Big Red were always bringing us presents and left them on the sidewalk, driveway, and even out by the road. We praised each one of them and picked up mice, xl mice (probably a rat), birds, and unidentifiable rodents of some kind.

The cats always greeted us with a hello every morning, when we came home and loved walking with us. No matter where you turned they were there looking for a pat. Becca, our granddaughter, loved Fluffy and thought she was “so coot”. Big Red was my favorite and Nova’s best friend. Big Red would always rub on Nova and look to her for something to do. Whether just laying in the grass or snooping around the property, they were always together. It really blew my mind cats and dogs could be good friends.

Sadly, part of living in the country is coming to terms with a cat “missing”. Miss Kitty disappeared first, then Fluffy. We spent several hours trying to find them and finally came to terms they weren’t going to return home. I am pretty certain they were subject to a predator. I don’t like to think and dwell on that situation too much because it’s painful. I loved them and we miss them so much! Our biggest loss was Big Red! Maybe because he got sick and passed away.

Currently, we have two very wild cats we adopted last fall. “Shorty” and “Wild Thing” stay outside and are not very accepting of us yet. I am not sure they are catching any mice but just having them around helps, I think. We also have Leo as a house cat. We do not have a mice problem in the house, garage, and Bill’s shop. So, in summary having cats outside and in the house are proving to be beneficial for sure.