Derecho Storm 2020

Growing up in Iowa you get pretty used to the weather changing at the drop of a hat. August 10th was exactly this way. It was a normal beautiful morning and nothing to be alarmed about.

Bill headed off to work and I started my virtual assistant work. No big deal nothing to blog about really. He texted me later and told me he was taking cover at work and I should aware. I couldn’t understand but took his advice and starting watching the weather. Words like derecho, hurricane, 80 plus mile per hour winds have never been heard when referring to the Midwest. That kind of weather doesn’t happen here?!

Within a few minutes the rain came, the wind picked up and the dogs and I were in the basement taking cover. I have never been through a tornado but have visited the basement on several occasions in my 50 years of life. Let me tell you this is about the scariest and loudest storm I have ever been through. The wind roared and I look back at it today and wonder how I never heard the window upstairs break, the 12 trees blow over or the grain bin roll end over end. It still stumps me to this day!

We experienced minimal damage during this inland hurricane but I feel very fortunate we received what we did compared to several Iowans, my daughter included!