Bath Day

Giving dogs a bath is really no major earth shattering event but I wanted to mention we did it today so I can remember how it went. I should first probably say that giving Nova & Bailey a bath is a huge pain in the you know what.

My back hurts from bending over, the pull out faucet hose is too short, the dogs only really get a good half bath since I have to hold their collar and soap and wash them with only one hand. Bailey insisted on putting her head in between my legs hoping for a moment she could escape my grip or she kept pulling herself farther and farther away from the water source. The faucet is set on spray , temp is warm not hot not cold, and the water was not on full blast so I honestly don’t know what she is being so fussy about. This dog will chase any animal out of the yard or car down the road. I literally don’t get dogs sometimes.

Nova is not a big fan of bath time either but never really puts up too much fuss. I am well aware she doesn’t like it but goes about it with her stoic self and just wants to get it done as fast as I do. She does win the award for the most hair combed out after.

In a nutshell dogs roll in poo, stink, and get muddy so giving a bath is a necessity around here. We have talked about building/buying a dog wash station in the basement that is elevated and has longer hoses so it would be much easier. Have you seen some of the dog wash stations on Pinterest? WOW! We get it done right quick and redneck style outside or in the basement. I have been collecting some ideas on my Pinterest board that might work for us. Hopefully we can get something built soon. If we get around to it I’ll write about it.

For now, everyone is clean as well as they could be, have had their lunch, and snoozing away. Life of a dog!